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The key to beautiful maternity photography is not just a photographers skill behind the camera or the lens on the front of it, it’s very much about making the Mum-to-be comfortable. That is first and foremost why I spend time working with you to understand who you are and what is important to you. From there we can choose just the right styling, location, time of day and so much more to make everything perfect for you.

Many clients opt to combine maternity, newborn and even birth photography to capture the entire story of the arrival of your little one. Speak to us to understand how this works.

Photographer Profile - Kelly Jordan


I’m so excited that you are considering Kelly Jordan Photography to capture special moments with your family.

The intimacy of life is what I love to capture most. All part of love and family are special in their own way and important to document. If history is any experience, my style will have you talking about your photographs long after you have hung your artwork on the wall.

Years of experience capturing families, women and teeny new babies has our clients trusting us over and over with each new addition to the family, or year by year to chart their changes.

I can’t wait to meet you and capture your family.


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