Are you a photographer? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about your profile listings on and the recently made changes to the PhotoSession business model.

PhotoSession will now allow Photographers to add pricing packages to show the details of each of their package such as pricing and inclusions via the Photographer Dashboard. These pricing packages will then be displayed on each of your PhotoSession listings. Customers on PhotoSession will then be able to instantly book any of your packages via your PhotoSession profile.

You can login to your Photographer Dashboard and add 3 of your pricing packages per listing, via the "Packages" section of the Dashboard. We require a minimum of three packages per listing for a listing to be approved. For example, if you are a newborn and maternity photographer and would like to receive bookings for both the newborn and maternity sides of your business, you would be required to add 3 packages for your newborn listing and 3 pricing packages for your maternity listing.

The "Calendar" section of the Photographer Dashboard will allow you to mark dates as: 1) Available 2) Unavailable or 3) Partly Available If you wish to make a date as "partially available", you can choose if you would like to make your day available during the a) Morning b) Afternoon c) Evening. This gives you the freedom to mark dates as unavailable when you do not wish to receive any bookings via your PhotoSession profile.

We need your bank account details to transfer payments for your bookings made by customers via your PhotoSession profile. Customers will be able to do an instant booking for one of your photography packages on your PhotoSession profile and will make an instant payment for their booking on our platform. We will then release the payment direct to your bank account once the customer confirms that they have received your services successfully.

PhotoSession will charge 10% of your booking amount. If one of your photography packages on your profile is priced at $1000 for example, and a customer books that packages via your PhotoSession profile, PhotoSession will charge a 10% platform fee and will transfer the $900 direct to your bank account.

Top 10 rankings will be arranged in the order of number of customer reviews on your PhotoSession profile page, as of 31st Aug 2021. You can start getting your customers to book your services via your PhotoSession profile and submit a customer review starting 1st April 2021.